“Dhun is conceptualized as a 500 acre neighbourhood in the region of Jaipur, that comprises working, learning and recreational spaces. It is a new foundation to fully realise what is possible in the realm of living development practices—A neighbourhood built from the inside out, considering the needs of the local ecology, the community, the individual, and finally the sustainability and efficiency of its systems, in that order.

It aims to reimagine and redesign systems related to education, workplace, commerce, and recreation in order to build an environment that provides people with the freedom, inspiration, and resources to discover and develop their own potential.”

Journey so far

Story of Land

Dhun is situated on 500‭ ‬acres of degenerated land that had no water‭, ‬less than 30‭ ‬trees and a dry saline expanse‭ ‬that was‭ ‬unfit for agriculture‭.

Building Community

Over the last few years, we have met many people from various walks of life who are emotionally engaged with the idea of Dhun and have been passively contributing to its creation. We have shared the ideology of Dhun with several global platforms such as Near Future Summit, Design Miami, SEALA, Columbia Centres, TEDx, UNWTO, UNESCO, etc.

Community Anchors


Dhun Synergy Lab will be a space for multi-disciplinary change-makers to work with access to resources and mentorship. It will serve as an intimate laboratory of interaction and innovation — a space where unusual ideas are conceived, nourished and launched.


As an extension to our Lab, the pedagogy at the school is being designed to facilitate incessant curiosity, the ability to form connections between insights and imagine new ones to invent unique solutions. A school for now, that functions beyond the limits of age, curriculum, setting and helps develop the ability to dream, innovate and create with confidence and compassion.


The holistic wellness space at Dhun is being designed to ensure healthy purposeful living. This space will house knowledge systems from the field of genomics, preventive medication systems to ancient healing techniques, across generations and geographies to fundamentally transform the body's potential.